Bio-oil and Acne

Acne breakouts are quite common among Americans. Some who surpassed this may have been temporarily relieved, but the scars remain to remind them of the horrible past they once had. Removing them is the best option to take.

Several medical companies have tried developing treatments for removing acne scars permanently. One of them is called Bio-oil.

Does it Work on Acne Scars?

Bio-oil helps diminish acne by reducing the redness when used over time. The common misconception is people think Bio-oil heals acne. No, it does not. It only reduces the scars. So if you break out when using it, Bio-oil is not the one to blame.

In testing its effectiveness, a study was conducted by The Photobiology Laboratory of the Medical University of South Africa in late 2005. The study showed that 16 out of 24 panelists had huge improvements to their scars in a one-month period. This is one of the proof that Bio-oil can be used for getting rid of ugly acne scars.

How to use Bio-oil effectively?bio_oil

For maximum effectiveness, use a generous amount of Bio-oil and massage in a circular motion on to your skin two times a day. Results will amaze you with continuous use. So regularity is very important in achieving best outcomes. Also, the younger the scar is, the faster it disappears. As for old scars, it may take some time. So be patient.

Never ever use bio-oil on open wounds or broken skin. Also, wait until the wound is healed before applying as it will cause skin irritation.

Where Can I Buy Bio-oil for a cheap price?

Bio-oil is not expensive. Though reasonably priced, a lot of people still can’t afford. This is why numerous websites offer Bio-oil coupon for special deals. This product can be bought from various online stores nationwide.

Here is an unbiased review of a satisfied Bio Oil user:

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